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Gears of War developer unveils first technical demo


Gears of War developer unveils first technical demo for Xbox 

Series X and showcases Unreal Engine 5 capabilitie

As we followed through a group of articles on our website during the past few hours, the audience was on a date before the day before yesterday with a live event, after which the version of the new graphics engine Unreal Engine 5 from the giant Epic Games was officially and finally revealed.

Which will serve as a mirror in front of a group of developers to present their projects on current generation devices, and we have already discovered what this engine can provide, and perhaps The Matrix Awakens demo was actually a promising technical interface that the audience will be on a date with through the final version of the engine.

Before returning during the past moments, the creative developer team at Microsoft and here is the talk about the studio The Coalition , which is famous for being behind the Gears of War series, where he also decided to enter this adventure by making a technical review for the first time in the Xbox Series X.

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