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Cosmetic Procedures South of The Border

 Cosmetic surgery is rarely covered by health insurance, which makes it a pricey decision. Cosmetic surgery in Mexico can be undertaken cheaply and safely. 

Cosmetic Procedures South of The Border

Deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a big step. You need to carefully decide whether undergoing major surgery is necessary for you to feel better about yourself, and whether you think that surgery will do all you desire. If you've gone through all of the agony of choosing to have cosmetic surgery, you will soon be in for your second difficult decision -  how do I get it done? Cosmetic surgery in the United States is quite expensive, and aside from a few reconstructive procedures, is not covered by health insurance. Many people need to save for years before they can afford the cosmetic procedures they want, but some people choose to go a different route. Some patients choose to get their cosmetic surgery done in a different country, where it will cost significantly less than here in the US.  Specifically, cosmetic surgery in Mexico is popular.

When deciding on where to get cosmetic surgery, Mexico may seem to be a logical choice. It's a nearby country, and you don't even need a passport to travel there. Many doctors and facilities speak English in Mexico, especially near the border, which also helps to draw patients. The surgeries performed at hospitals and surgical centers in Mexico are often the same as those that are done in the US, but a lower cost of supplies and other medical necessities keeps the cost down.

One unfortunate aspect of cosmetic surgery Mexico is the number of people who return from that country with botched procedures and even infections and other life threatening problems. Of the thousands of people that travel to Mexico each year for cosmetic surgery, many are drawn by the price tag (often less than half of what it would cost in the US) and don't do the research to make sure that their surgeon and facility is certified and skilled in cosmetic surgery. They are willing to allow procedures to be performed on their bodies with little to no knowledge of the doctor who will be doing the surgery. Some of these surgeons may not even have been trained in cosmetic surgery or even be real doctors!

That's not to say that all of the cosmetic surgery Mexico handles is done incorrectly or at the hands of incompetent doctors. If a patient does their research and makes sure to choose a clinic and doctor who is qualified to do the procedure they want, this surgery can go well. Depending on the hospital and recovery centers available, you may be able to have treatment that is just as good or better than that in the US.

Choosing cosmetic surgery in Mexico offers can be a risky situation, so one needs to be sure of all the details before leaving for your cosmetic procedure. Find a qualified, trained physician and you should be fine.

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