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London will present on Monday the rule that annuls parts of the Irish protocol as the EU does not accede to its demands


House of Commons passes Johnson's Brexit bill
Archive image of the House of Commons.
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The British Executive confirmed this Friday that it will take legislation to the House of Commons (lower) next Monday that would unilaterally annul parts of the protocol for Northern Ireland agreed with Brexit and introduce another more beneficial for the United Kingdom .

"The bill has been agreed by the relevant (Government) cabinet committees and will go to Parliament on Monday," an official spokesman for Downing Street , the office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, confirmed on Friday.

Last month the Government of London already warned that it was willing to unilaterally break this mechanism signed as part of the Brexit agreement if the European Union (EU) did not agree to its demands to modify it.

The Johnson Executive accused the EU last Wednesday of not having responded to its invitation to resume negotiations on this thorny issue and warned that it would promote a bill "shortly" to annul parts of that agreement.

The legislation that is expected to be processed in the coming weeks would introduce an alternative system to the one contemplated in the aforementioned protocol in the British province , which would have the effect of annulling part of what was agreed in 2020 with Brussels .

The United Kingdom , which despite everything maintains that it wants to continue negotiating with the EU and that it prefers "an agreed solution" , considers that the European Commission's proposals to solve the problems posed by this tool are not enough .

What does the protocol establish?
The protocol establishes that Northern Ireland continues to be linked to the single community market for goods , so that goods that cross between the island of Great Britain and that territory must pass customs controls in order to ensure that the border between the two Irelands continues to be invisible. .

The new bureaucratic burden has caused , according to London and the Northern Irish unionist parties, a shortage of products as well as causing political tensions in the province.

Labor Opposition Leader Keir Starmer has already indicated he will vote against the controversial legislation pushed by the Conservative government, which could also find opposition within his own ranks and in the House of Lords.

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