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New coronavirus found spreading among rodents in Sweden

 The virus has not jumped to humans and whether it is dangerous is unknown, according to the researchers.

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When the Covid-19 pandemic has not yet been considered over, researchers have found a new coronavirus that is very common among rodents, in Sweden , which has also received the name Grimsö virus, after the place where it was discovered, according to Sciencealert. 

"We do not yet know what potential threats Grimsö virus may pose to public health . However, based on our observations and previous coronaviruses identified among voles, there is good reason to continue to monitor coronavirus among wild rodents," he explained. situation the virologist Åke Lundkvist, from the University of Uppsala (Sweden).

Bank voles are one of the most common rodents in Europe . Their paths often cross with humans, and they are known hosts of the Puumala virus, which causes a hemorrhagic fever known as epidemic nephropathy in humans. Of course, it is not yet known if this new virus is potentially dangerous for humans.

"Voles, when seeking refuge from adverse weather conditions, are known to take refuge in human buildings , increasing the risk that we will contract a disease that they transmit in our homes," the experts explain.

Over three years, Swedish researchers discovered several different viral strains of Grimsö virus circulating among populations of bank voles. These animals are also transmitters of this type of virus, 
as has been seen in other countries such as France or Germany.

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