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Improving Drive: Customizing with Performance Parts

 Customizing your pocket bike can turn a common bike into a real pocket rocket when you use pocket bike performance parts.  Many pocket bikes performance parts not only make your pocket bike faster and more powerful, they add to the general look of “attitude” you want your competition to see on the track!  Those cool side stripes may look great, but they're not going to get you around the track any faster.  Put your money into high performance pocket bike parts and then you'll have a bike that can back up the appearance of attitude you've given it. 

When you’re looking for pocket bike performance parts, remember your bike's speed and power is “all in the mix”.  The correct mixture of gas, oil, and air are the elements that combine to work like jet fuel for your pocket rocket.  However, if your customized bike is riding too hot, a good solution is to start with a temperature sticker.  These parts for pocket bikes are typically sold in packs of three, and can easily be applied to your bike’s engine, suspension and other heat sensitive parts. 

Most pros get the largest boost in speed and overall performance from pocket bike performance parts like velocity stacks and air filters.  While those are king, take the time to still add some performance pocket bikes parts for pipe and custom carburetion and the only thing that will be able to stop you will be your own brakes!  In addition, there’s something about performance parts pocket bikes custom pipes and exhaust system that makes your bike look like a formidable adversary to your competition, and gives you an early psychological edge in any competition! 

There are many other performance parts for pocket bike enthusiasts that not only help you stay in the race, but combined with your skill, will put you in front of the pack.  Some things that you might overlook are pocket bike performance parts like custom grips and foot pegs that improve your ability to control your bike.  Remember not to have immediate expectations.  The best racers are those who know their bikes, so it may take some time for you to re-adjust after adding these improvements.  Concentrate on getting used to how they ride, and soon the only thing you'll have to worry about is how far ahead of everyone else you are before hitting the finish line.

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